Van Gompel Mediation charges an hourly rate of €250.00 plus VAT for the actual mediation meetings. Support for a legal, economic or other technical audit will be charged at an hourly rate of €180.00 plus VAT. The same hourly rate will be applied for services provided by the multidisciplinary team.

Unless the participants in the mediation expressly agree otherwise, each participant pays a pro-rata portion of the costs. At the start of the mediation, each participant must pay an advance-payment invoice of €1,250.00 plus VAT to cover a mediation procedure of around ten hours. If the mediation procedure leads to a quicker successful outcome, or if it is stopped by one or more of the participants, Van Gompel Mediation undertakes to refund the remainder of the advance payment to each participant on a pro-rata basis. Depending on the length of each procedure, additional advance payments can be requested in accordance with the above arrangements.

Whenever a participant fails to make an advance payment, Van Gompel Mediation is entitled to immediately suspend the mediation.