What is important to me? What do I stand for?

As a lawyer, I have focused on giving advice and resolving disputes in business contracts, company and commercial law. I have always taken into account the additional cost price of a legal dispute (such as the loss of business opportunities, negative energy, the uncertain outcome and costs associated with legal proceedings). Although very real for those involved, this cost is often not implied in a traditional judgment.

As a deputy judge in the Commercial Court and as arbitrator, I have experienced the limitations of traditional dispute resolution. The parties place their fate in the hands of the judge or arbitrator, who has no choice but to give judgment or make an award with a winner and a loser. In fact, sometimes there are only losers.

As an accredited mediator, I believe in the strength and creativity of the participants in the mediation, who remain master of their dispute at all times. If they manage to get their dialogue back on track, a win-win solution for all is often within reach.

As a mediator, I aim to:

  • listen actively, impartially and engaged to each participant in the mediation;
  • be respectful of everyone’s position and have the other participant(s) show respect too;
  • keep the discussion between the participants going towards renewed dialogue;
  • give the participants insight into all aspects of their dispute;
  • contribute towards a solution brought forward by the participants, a real win-win;
  • draft the solution that is reached, together with the participants, in a clear mediation agreement.

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